Honour Roll

Midland Cycle Club has a long and distinguished record of producing some of the best cyclists in WA, Australia and indeed in the world!

Below is a short list of some of the many champions that got their start at Midland Cycle Club:

  • Frank Taylor
  • Stan Gurney
  • Eddie Barron
  • Mal Barker
  • Steele Bishop
  • Robert Waller
  • Graham McVilly
  • Peter Robinson
  • Ken Benson
  • Murray Hall
  • Darryl Benson
  • Cameron Myer
  • Travis Myer
  • Luke Durbridge
  • Michael Frieberg
  • Sarah Kent
  • Michaela Anderson
  • Jessica Allen
  • Elissa Wundersitz
  • Robert Power
  • Jai Hindley
  • Michael Storer
  • Matthew Richardson