Development Squad

Development Squad

To develop our future champions, we have implemented a development program that is targeted at junior cyclists that aspire to achieve personal best cycling performances in both track and/ or road disciplines.


The program is designed to be inclusive and each year the club will invite junior cyclists to join the Development Squad giving them additional training and opportunities to assist with their overall development and progression in the sport.

With an athlete-centred approach, the program provides a structure that integrates the physical, technical and mental aspects of cycling. To this end, the program delivers a series of off-course activities around personal excellence and athlete education, these sessions include sport psychology and nutrition, as well as strength & conditioning programs.

Benefits to athletes:

  • Riding and training program
  • Personal mentoring and education around nutrition, recovery, injury prevention, goal setting
  • Strength and conditioning programs through group and race training

What it Takes

The Development Team consists of riders in U15 or U17/U19 age groups, these riders need to meet the following selection criteria:

  • Be a member of a Cycling Australia and Midland Cycling Club
  • Have a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.
  • Are racing in the State Road and Criterium Series and/or Track Cycling
  • Have reached a satisfactory standard of performance based on current rankings at local races and regional events.
  • A desire to progress further along the junior pathway and eventually progress their own Cycling and/or progress to the development team.

Race Kit

The Development Squad are provided with their own race kit to whearer proudly on race day.

Current Squad

The Development Squad currently comprises of the following riders:

  • Aron Barclay
  • Henry Hunter
  • Saxon Adams
  • Jasmyn Quick
  • Lachlan Loveridge
  • Toby Dew