Gear Restrictions – Roll Outs

Gear restrictions apply to all junior cyclists in events conducted under Cycling Australia regulations on the road and track. The restrictions referred to is the distance one revolution of the crank arm will propel the bicycle, this is known as the 'roll out'.

The gear restrictions apply to each of the following member categories:

  • Junior Under 19 = 7.93 metres (applies to road only, not track)
  • Junior Under 17 = 7.0 metres
  • Junior Under 15 = 6.00 metres
  • Junior Under 13 = 5.50 metres
  • Junior Under 11 = 5.50 metres

To view the gear chart (Excel format) click here and you will be given a range of chain wheels and cogs relevant to your wheel diameter. All competitors are required to satisfy a roll out for all junior events.

Note all junior are required to adhere to roll outs no matter the event. So for example an under 17 rider, riding in a local criterium in say B Grade must still adhere to the roll out rule. This is only relaxed at the U19 level where in a non U19 specific event riders may use open gearing.

Blocking out of gears is not allowed at National level.

For further information please talk to one of our coaches.

A junior rollout calculator Excel spreadsheet is available for download from Cycling Australia.