Junior Training

MCC operate weekly Junior Training programs run by our Coaches.



17:00 - 18.30 Kings Park – (Approximatley 10 to 30 km depending on age and ability)

Suitable for juniors / beginners.

Training includes, group riding skills, hill repeats, road safety and awareness

Groups: U11, U13, U15, U17


Meet at DNA Tower off Forrest Drive, Kings Park, Perth.



17:00 Track Speed Dome Midvale

17:00-18:15 U/13 juniors and beginners

The17:00 sessions are run by coaches and consist of:

  • Warm up laps
  • Skills development
  • Track efforts
  • Pursuits
  • Scratch racing

18:30 - 20:15 U15 upwards

These sessions are open to anyone with a Cycling Australia license. Non-members are to produce a valid CA License.


Track Speed Dome Midvale


7:00 – East Perth

Juniors 18-21 35 km

Where: Meet Trafalgar Rd Car Park, East Perth

How Much Training

How much training juniors do is dependent upon their age and skill. However, the most important thing is to ensure they enjoy it and it is fun.

We provide sufficient fun coupled with performance so they feel they are progressing and achieving goals each week.

Here is a general guideline for junior training – as set by Cycling Australia.

Please remember these are maximums and not recommendations as targets to achieve.

# Age** Training per week Per session **Focus
9-10 years 1-3hrs Max 30mins Skills development, traffic awareness, safety
11-12 years 2 – 5hrs or 40 – 100kms No single session longer than 30km or 1.25hrs Skills development, traffic awareness, road safety, bike handling skills, race skills etc
13-14 years 3 – 8hrs or 100 – 200kms No single session longer than 60km or 2hrs Combination of both skills development & physical conditioning, all aspects.
15–16 years 6 – 14hrs or 150 – 350kms No single session longer than 90km or 3hrs Combination of both skills development & physical conditioning, all aspects. Some specificity in training can begin during the 16th year.
17-18 years 8 – 18hrs or 240 – 550kms No single session longer than 160km or 5hrs Physical conditioning, specific to certain events. Skill development is more event specific.