Your Support

"In the spirit of volunteering, we believe we get more out of giving than we put in."

By joining the Midland Cycle Club you are becoming a part of a club with a rich history of racing, being part of a community that lives and loves bicycle racing and developing and encourage junior riders.

We co-host and assist at numerous events throughout the year and we would like to see members, parents and families take an active part and volunteer. Without the support of the members, we could not continue to provide the training, racing & social events we do at MCC to the benefit of all our members and indeed the wider community.

To achieve this, the commitment asked of all members is to help at 1 road race and 1 criterium hosted by MCC per racing year.

What is involved

Typically, it takes between 30 to 40 members to conduct each road race. This adds up to a substantial amount of volunteer positions we need to fill over 12 months of road and criterium racing.

We need is each member or family to assist at ONE event each year, to ensure that the events we host can continue. We will always need volunteers to help out in the following roles:

At the Track On the Road Behind the Scenes
Coaches Set up and pack away Coaching training
First Aiders Coaches Coordination
Rider / Bike Assistance Training vehicle support New member liaison
Bike Maintenance Race Planning Website management
Smiling Money Taker Race Management Facebook / Twitter / Social media management
Motor Pacer Roll-Out Photography
Timekeepers First Aiders First Aid Kits replenished
Commissaires (race) Corner Marshalls First Aiders monitored
Catering MCC Trailer transporter Club Kit Management
Roll-Out Equipment Coordinator Race Planning
Support Vehicles (lead and spare) Fundraising / Grant Application
Communication tools Social Event Organiser
Road Signage Governance / Policies
Commissaries Marketing / Publications
Registration Desk Club Promo
ITT Holders / Starters Signage
Timekeepers Club Representation
Results Recorders Awards Organisation
Line Judges Camp Organisation
Records Runners Trip / Interstate racing
Race Support Vehicles
Catering & sausage sizzle
Road Sweepers

Volunteering lets you catch up with your mates, hear stories and gives everyone a way of taking part in a sport we all love.

The MCC crew at these events are a great bunch to work with, and being part of a successful event crew can be a fun and rewarding experience. It is every member's responsibility to contribute their part to the Club, allowing us to all continue to race. Get involved!.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many volunteer duties do I need to do?

1 every membership year.

Can a family member or friend fill in for me?

Yes of course, provided they are over 16, this is often a good arrangement if you want to race and fulfill your volunteer duties.

I only race criteriums or I only race the road season, why should I do my duties?

We're a club that prides itself on providing racing all year round. This is only possible because we expect our members to do their volunteer duties. By everyone doing their part, it means we'll have a race on most weekends.

I'm currently not racing or having some time off. Why should I do my duties?

We still expect you as a member to do your duties; racing doesn't stop because you have. By doing your part we can continue to put on racing all year round and means there will be a race for you when you return.

Due to exceptional circumstances I cannot do my duty on my nominated race.

Contact our Race Co-ordinator immediately. Give us plenty of time and we'll be able to arrange for your nominated day to be moved.