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Honour Roll

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Midland Cycle Club has a long and distinguished record of producing some of the best cyclists in WA, Australia and indeed in the world!

We have amongst our alumni State, National and World Champions, multiple record holders and Olympians.

Below is a short list of some of the many champions that got their start at Midland Cycle Club:

  • Frank Taylor

  • Stan Gurney

  • Eddie Barron

  • Mal Barker

  • Steele Bishop

  • Robert Waller

  • Graham McVilly

  • Peter Robinson

  • Ken Benson

  • Murray Hall

  • Darryl Benson

  • Cameron Myer

  • Travis Myer

  • Luke Durbridge

  • Michael Frieberg

  • Sarah Kent

  • Michaela Anderson

  • Jessica Allen

  • Elissa Wundersitz

  • Robert Power

  • Jai Hindley

  • Michael Storer

  • Matthew Richardson

  • Camille Pallett

  • Chris Leybourne

  • Jemilla Anderson

  • Brendan Meney

  • Luke Vitler

  • Dharlia Haines

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