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Racing at Midland Cycle Club

Midland Cycle Club actively participates in the cycling disciplines of Road, Track, and Criterium Racing.

Road Racing

Road Racing is conducted outdoors on paved roads and generally covers longer distances than Criterium or Track racing. Road Racing includes mass start races, multi-race stage races, and individual and team time trial races against the clock.

Criterium Racing

Criterium, or "crit", racing consists of several laps around a closed circuit. The distance of each lap and overall race time is typically much less than a road race, resulting in an intense race with many tight corners. Criteriums are often raced to a fixed time duration, rather than a fixed distance, with a bell being rung to indicate the final lap.

Track Racing

Track Racing is raced on specially built banked Velodromes, such as the indoor Perth SpeedDome, on specialised bikes without brakes or gear shifting. This category of racing encompasses several disciplines including Sprint, Time Trials, Individual and Team Pursuits, Scratch Racing, and Points Racing.

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