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Starting in junior cycling can sometimes seem intimidating, and parents new to the sport have lots of questions: what equipment to buy, which licence to get, where can my daughter or son start, train and race, which races are appropriate and how much training should they be doing?


What kit can they wear and most of all, is it the right sport for my child? We can help with all your questions.


MCC fully support and encourage junior cyclists to participate in appropriate development opportunities to build their cycling skills and confidence and the enjoyment of the sport.


Our Commitment

Our commitment to junior development has seen us named 2005 National Road Cycling Junior Club Champions. In 2006 we were named the 2006 Cycling Australia Club Premiers, and in 2007 we were runners up for that prestigious accolade. In 2009 we did it again, and remain the best club in Australia, based on points won.


What We Offer

MCC offers various events, training sessions, skills development and other activities to support juniors to get the most out of their cycling.

Please send us an email if you wish to find out more about junior development opportunities to:

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