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Track FAQ's

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Is there a minimum age for Track Cycling?
Providing your feet can reach the pedals then you can ride. In our experience the youngest most kids start at is around the of age of 8 to 9 years.

Can I hire a bike?
Yes - it's $5 per bike. Unfortunately MCC cannot always ensure all sizes are available in the numbers required, so please be patient if you or your child are sharing a bike. We realise that this is not the best outcome however we are limited on bike storage and cannot store more bikes. If committing to the sport of Track cycling, you will certainly benefit from purchasing your own bike either second hand or new. Please talk to an MCC representative if you need advice on this.

Any other costs?
There is a $12 per club member Track usage charge. Although your first go will be entirely free! The fee for non-members is $15.

Is there a coaching fee?
No. Coaching is provided Free by all our 'AusCycling Certified Coaches.

Can I hire a helmet?
The club does not hire helmets so bring your own as they must be worn while riding at all times. We do have some spares but may not fit all heads and have been shared with other people. Also all helmet must have an Australian Standards (AS) sticker and be is a good condition. All new helmets sold within Australia will comply with AS.

What's the best time to come along on Wednesdays?
5 PM - 6 PM session for novice / beginner / junior riders.

6 PM to 7.30 PM for beginner adult / intermediate / experienced Junior riders,

6.30 PM to 8 PM for advanced riders.

(it is recommended that you get there approx 15 minutes early so we can fit the bike to the rider.)

What should I wear if I don't have the "lycra" gear?
Just wear a T-shirt, shorts and some sneakers or running shoes. Gloves are not mandatory - but we recommend them.

Anything else I should bring?
Your helmet, a water bottle some snacks, and perhaps a towel to wipe away any perspiration.


I have Dark sunglasses - can I use them while riding on Track?

No. We need your vision to be completely crystal clear and since we are riding inside, these types of glasses are not suitable. Clear lenses are find. Talk to us and we can advise you the types to look for if you want to wear glasses.

Is there parking?
Yes. (Best of all it's Free)

The sides of the track look very steep. Will I have to ride up them?
They are quite steep - but we start you off on the flat. It's not until we think you are ready do we let you ride a little bit higher.

Can I bring along my own pedals and use them instead of provided pedals?
Yes but there are only a limited number of bikes available to do this and must be done under the supervision of an MCC coach or helper.

Do I have to join the club to keep riding on the track?
The answer is Yes. We will let you have a couple of goes without joining but it really is in your own best interest to have some sort of Cycling Australia Membership. It's not expensive (from around $30 per year for Kids).

Can I drop off my child for training and come back later to pick them up?
No. We can't allow this as we may need you as the child's Parent/Guardian in case of an accident.

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