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Group Training Rides

MCC operate regular weekend rides and are also affiliated with local cycling groups who operate mid-week rides.


The rides attempt to cater for various riders but there may not be a ride for every ability on every day


Having said that our club and our AustCycling Coaches have something to suit all abilities and ages.


The most important aspect of our training is safety and enjoyment.

Group Ride Etiquette

All riders on MCC group rides are expected to familiarise themselves with our "group ride etiquette". 

Come and Ride

If you would like to join a ride for the first time please contact Kylie Allan (0409 429 598) or Lachlan McCrea (0418 950 555) so that we can determine the best ride experience for you or your child's personal needs.

Average Pace

Below is a "guide" to the average pace for a Perth river loop.

Ride Average Speed (Km/h) Average Distance (km)

  • Juniors 18-21 km/hr 35 km

  • Transitional 22-25 km/hr 40 km

  • Main 2 25-28 km/hr 45 km

  • Main 1 32-35 km/hr 45 km

  • Fast 1 >35 km/hr 45 km

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