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Race Day Checklist

Preparation is Key

What to take

  • AusCycling Licence (or confirmation email)

  • Bike (with correct roll out if you are a junior)

  • Wind Trainer

  • Spare Tubes

  • Spare Wheels

  • Pump

  • MCC  Race Kit

  • Shoes

  • Helmet (Australian Standard)

  • Gloves

  • Glasses

  • Food

  • Water

  • Tools

What Do I Do

  • Know the event program

  • Arrive at the event minimum 45 minutes before

  • Report to the MCC 'warm up' tent area

  • Let an MCC coach know you have arrived

  • Check registration times

  • Register & collect rider race number and timer

  • Present for roll-out with your bike and helmet (if a junior)

  • Be aware of event race order

  • Warm up with MCC Coaches

  • Listen to race announcements

  • Be ready to start at least 10 minutes before race start time

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