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Road Racing

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Contact either Richard McGillivray or Ross Dyer or further information.


Road races are held in WA predominantly in close proximity to the Metro area or in regional towns area between May and October each year


Collie, Goldfields, Collie-Donnybrook, York, Peel, Beverley and Chidlow


Grades & Distances

Below is an example of distances for a typical Chidlow Road Race


A Grade Men 89km 5 laps 


B Grade Men (inclusive of U17) 71km 4 laps

A Grade Women 71km 4 laps

C Grade Men53km 3 laps

B Grade Women (inclusive of U17) 53km 3 laps

D Grade Men* (inclusive of U15) 41km 2.5 laps

C Grade Women (inclusive of U15) 35km 2 laps


D Grade Women (inclusive of U15) 35km 2 laps

E Grade Men  25km 1.5laps

E Grade Women 17.8km1 lap9.25am

Under 13's 17.8km1 lap

Under 11s (if sufficient numbers) 8km 0.45 laps

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